in place file splitter

Tyler Spivey tyler at
Fri Nov 8 17:29:13 EST 2002

well, normally the split command does something like:
1. open the file for reading.
2. take one chunk, open a new output file, place it there and close it.
3. repeat until split.
this keeps the original file, and on a space limited system, e.g. a quota,
you're out of luck.
in place does:
1. open the file for reading.
2. read al the chunks into some kind of list.
3. wait to press enter, so the user can suspend the program and remove the
4. write the output files.
if you remove the original file, the split files take up almost the same
space so quotas don't get in the way.
my program is no where complete, just a skeleton though.

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