Load time is rediculous

Adam Myrow amyrow at midsouth.rr.com
Wed Nov 6 17:55:47 EST 2002

After you edited your lilo.conf, did you run lilo?  You must run lilo
after editing the file.  You edit the file then just type "lilo" as root.
It will say something like "Added Linux."  That assumes that's the only
label in your system.  On my system, I also have Windows, and I changed my
label to Slackware because I had Redhat on there as well and I wanted to
keep them straight.  So, when I run lilo, I get "added Windows.  Added
Linux."  As I said, after any change to the /etc/lilo.conf, the lilo
command must be run to read it and update the boot info.  The same goes if
you ever recompile the kernel.  Hope this helps.

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