Load time is rediculous

Igor Gueths igueths at attbi.com
Wed Nov 6 14:32:11 EST 2002

Does the kernel try to probe for any devices during this time period?
Which setting specifically did you change? The timeout or the delay (both
settings under boot message). If you are going to change any timeouts I'd
suggest changing the delay to boot the first image, which defaults to 20

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On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, erik burggraaf wrote:

> Hi guys, I'm back at work on my little linux box.  Well, we have this
> problem of load time.  It runs to about 3 minutes, which is rediculous,
> since for about 2 minutes 30 seconds, it's just sitting there picking it's
> nose.  I've used vi to edit the /etc/lilo.conf file so that the timeout has
> been set from 1200 down to 10.  This hasn't had any effect on my load time,
> though.  Is there another setting in there I should look at?  Could there be
> another reason for the problem?  Am I stuck with this?  Please say I'm not
> stuck.  Smile.
> Help much appreciated as always.
> Cheers,
> Erik
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