trying to get started.

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Hi friend, I'd just like to put my speak in for slackware if you are still
at this stage.
I chose it for a few reasons.  First off, the documentation for slackware
was far and away the best.  This is not to say that docs for other software
weren't helpfull at all.  For me, it was more a matter of detail.  Devian
was so small, I didn't feel confident that I could install it on the basis
of the info I had.  Redhat was so huge, it was overwelming.  Slackware was
straight forward and to the point.  The writer and I seem to think alike in
terms of what info is important and how to deliver something like a linux
I also reviewed documentation on the slackware site, and it seemed to carry
on in the vein I was finding most comfortable, so I ran with it.
Another thing was size.  Slackware was only one iso image.  That included
x-windows, 3 shells, and another gui interface, and more goodies than I felt
I could handle right away.  A full install of slack is about 2 gb, though of
course, we don't need either of the gui environments, so we save about a gig
Because I could not configure my bios by myself to boot the cd-rom, I relied
on 6 floppy disks to get me started.  Creating the disks was a bit of a
pain, because I went about it half-assed, but if you use brand new,
preformatted disks, and label them properly as they come out of the imager,
you'll be all set in no time.
Well, I did the install 4 or 5 times in one weekend trying a number of
different combinations and so on, so it's one area where I'm properly
qualified to contribute.  If there's anything I can do to help get you up
and running, feel free to yell and I'll do what I can.
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> I need some help getting started.
> I am trying to get started with installing linux with speakup.
> I have a DOS partition dedicated just for linux.
> I have a R/W CD-ROM and a zip disk which I was hoping to use for
> installation.
> I have looked over the various packages of linux, and I am wondering if
> there is a way to just download any & all of one brand of linux, such as
> debian, or one of the other two mentioned.  I have found dozens & dozens
> files to download, and I would just like to get all of them, for whichever
> package I go with as one file.
> Another thing I am hoping someone can help with, is the choice of one of
> three brands of linux.  I would prefer to install from a zip disk or from
> CD.  I am not too enthused about installing from a bunch of floppies,
> is what debian seems to offer.
> Thanks for any assistance.
> "Live long and prosper",
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