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Ann Parsons akp at
Thu Mar 28 06:52:15 EST 2002

Hi all,

<smile>  I've got to put in my oar here folks.  I need to defend those
of us who need to be shown what to do before we can do it or
understand explanations of what we have done. 

In my case, I need to do whatever it is before I read about it.  Why?
Because I can't understand what I read until I have experienced
whatever action I'm reading about.  Finally, there comes a time for
me, and I am in that transition now, where because of all that I have
experienced, I can read a man page or a document and understand what
I'm reading because I have something to connect the new knowledge to.  

I've been following Igor's progress here, and it seems to me that he's
done his share of reading about things.  I think your reference to
places to find the info are good, very good, but your implication that
Igor is taking up the list's time wasn't called for.  If you want to
go to a techie, unfriendly list, join emacspeak or blinux.  We've
never turned away anyone from asking questions, even the simple ones.
I don't want to see us doing it now, cuz if you do, I'll have to
unsub.    <smile>  Frankly, if I had to remove a user right now, I
couldn't do it.  I can't remember the syntax!  I do, however, keep
what I call tips.txt.  In there, I have a bunch of notes on commands
about how to do stuff.  It's my way of keeping track of stuff I won't
remember after two days.  One point of information, if you try to look
up "skuzzy" in a dictionary or a manual, you won't find it.  You have
to know what you're looking for in order to find it.  In computerese,
that can be very specific.  Hence if rmuser isn't the right command,
looking it up under that name will yield naught.  

Just my two cents for a Thursday morning.

Ann P.

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