FW: USA: Online book-sharing service for the blind borrows a page from Napster

Janina Sajka janina at afb.net
Tue Mar 12 19:39:10 EST 2002

Well, what can I tell you? I filled out their form using lynx on linux
with speakup. I found it not the best designed form because it was very
chatty and not as clearly written as it might be, but I was able to do it.

 On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Ann Parsons wrote:

> Hi Janina,
> <smile>  OK, but that doesn't answer my questions, Janina.  Here they
> are again.
> 1.  Where do you enter your name and so on on the application?  All I
>     saw was the long agreement form.  That should have come *after*
>     you added your name and so on.  I never saw any place to add
>     personal data.
> 2.  I'm glad about the verification process, and I can certainly
>     provide that info, no problem, but if the site only works for
>     MSIE5.5 will the search boxes work?  Will anything work at all?
>     See, that's what's so misleading.  If the statement "this site is
>     for MSIE5.5 or later" is gone, then does that mean the site is now
>     accessible?  I haven't seen anything on the beta lists about work
>     in Linux or talk of Linux or anything.  I got the impression that
>     the subject was werboten.   It's nice to know that somebody is
>     doing something, but I thought the whole idea of the beta list for
>     the site was to let people *know* what was going on.  I told Peter
>     that I'd be happy to help and that I was willing to test in Lynx.
>     When I wrote that I found the site to be inaccessible with Lynx, I
>     got no response at all, nothing!  Now maybe there was something I
>     was doing wrong, but if that was the case, then they should have
>     treated me with the same patience and understanding and courtesy
>     that the Windows users got, frankly!!
> Ann P.

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