Questions about programs under Linux.

Anna Schneider annas at
Sun Mar 10 18:25:50 EST 2002

Okay.  I will start book marking things.  I've thought about it but never 
done it much.  Um, and I'll se if I can get my web site under Mary Kay 
designed on my own terms, not that I know anything about web design yet.  
A web site is a bonus, customers can order from me through it and I won't 
have to mail or otherwise deliver prduct that they order that way.  But if 
I can't access my own site that's a bit silly.

Thanks again.


On Sun, 10 Mar 2002, Janina Sajka wrote:

> Hi, Anna:
> Just a quick note about Lynx and frames -- If there's some site you use 
> all the time where you have to choose one or more frames first, or just 
> have to choose one or more links before you get to the actual part you 
> want, there's a better way to handle that. You can bookmark the page you 
> really want. In lynx, just use the 'a' command to add a bookmark. And, 
> you'll never see those pesky frames again.
> The javascript thing is much tougher. As of today, we don't have a good, 
> non-Windows option for pages that insist on javascript. What is this 
> javascript thing? It's another coding scheme for online content which is 
> not supported by lynx primarily because it isn't an open, consensus based 
> standard. I could go on about it, but I'll pass up doing so just now, 
> unless you really want to know more.
> As for your own end of things, you can most certainly host an e-commerce 
> site on the web that takes people's credit card information securely and 
> gives you orders. All of that can be put together without javascript. But, 
> a lot of places that do this, aren't very concerned about what technology 
> other people use. They think you should just change and do things there 
> way.
>  On Sat, 9 Mar 2002, Anna 
> Schneider wrote:
> > Wow, Janina, much info.  I'm filing it away.
> > 
> > Tank you for the clarification about fiewalling.  I actually know nothing 
> > about viruses.  I'm still in DOS and don't download e-mail or anyting else 
> > and so haven't had to worry.  It was my mom who was all worried about it.  
> > I thought I'd ask to be sure.
> > 
> > Regarding Emacs and Emacs Speak, I'm going to have to learn tem quickly 
> > along with everything else.  That's just the position I'm in.  These are 
> > the months of cram.  I'm starting to learn how to run a business and also 
> > all kinds of new computer stuff and I'm just going to be mentally full for 
> > the next couple of months.
> > 
> > Didn't mean to raise any web browser contraversy.  *rin*  I personally 
> > hate that Lynx is treated like crap.  I was quoting the web site on the Ie 
> > 4.0 or better part.  And I can get through frames with Lynx but tthey 
> > still suck in my opinion.  Just one more layer I have to go through.
> > 
> > All right, I am saving this message to reference later and thank you very 
> > much.
> > 
> > Anna
> > 
> > 
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