Hardware Question

Pete persuric at ameritech.net
Sun Mar 10 02:31:05 EST 2002

  Usually the jumpers will be labeled m a for master and s l for slave and c
s for cable select.  Some hard drives arent labeled like this, instead they
are labeled as jmp50 etc.  The hard drive in this computer is the origenal?
It would boot OK before you tried installing the c d rom?
  Whear did you get the c d rom from?  Did it come out of a known working
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I am installing a temperary verson of linux on an old 486 box.  To Get linux
from the winblows machine to the 486, I need to install a CDrom.  I hooked
it to the same ribbon as the hd since there was room, but it won't boot with
the cdrom on the controler.  How do I tell the hd to be master and cdrom to
be slave?

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