a little tip

Adam Myrow myrow at eskimo.com
Mon Jul 22 21:24:05 EDT 2002

On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Alex Snow wrote:

> Hi.
> Wow that does save a lot of disk space, but one question:
> how do you strip a binary?

Easy.  You type "strip filename."  Works for most executables and
libraries.  Most of the binaries that ship with distros are already
stripped.  A trick to see if any aren't is to do this.  Change to a
directory with programs like /usr/bin and type "file * | grep "not
stripped."  You'll see all the file descriptions that contain the phrase
"not stripped."  There are a few in Slackware, and of course, check
/usr/local/bin since that's where most of the stuff you build ends up.  By
the way, Centericq may have been an extreme case, but it doesn't hurt
anyway.  Just do an "ls -l" before and after, or better yet, "ls -lh."
That's a neat mode that is specific to GNU versions of ls.

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