a little tip

Adam Myrow myrow at eskimo.com
Mon Jul 22 21:06:11 EDT 2002

Since a lot of you (including me) like to compile and try out new
software, I have a tip.  After installing it, check to see if the binaries
are stripped.  This saves a lot of disk space, yet many installers don't
bother to strip binaries.  The only reason not to strip a binary or
library is if you are planning on debugging it.  Otherwise, it's just
wasted space.  A good example is Centericq.  After the discussion of
Centericq on this list, I downloaded and installed it.  the binary was
over 20 megabytes before stripping, and after, it was 2.2 megabytes!  I am
going to check out the libraries that it built as well.  To see if a
program or library is stripped, type "file program" where "program" is the
name of the binary.  You will get information about it and the last part
will either say "stripped" or "not stripped."  Hope this little tip is
useful to somebody.

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