Low Vision HOWTO: Draft

JP Schnapper-Casteras jp_sc at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 15 16:03:38 EDT 2002

Dear Speakup,

We hope we have a solid starting point for a "Linux Large Text for Low
Vision HOWTO."  As stated in the proposed HOWTO's Introduction, "Most
of the work remains to be done, such as trying these methods on
various Linux boxes with various users, especially low-vision users,
and then documenting and incorporating that experience into a HOWTO."
Also, any help towards "converting a joystick to a two-axis foot
rocker and programming it for right, left, up, down scrolling
("virtual-screen" movement)" would be much appreciated.  This would
add a lot to user convenience.

If interested, please read through the attached HOWTO draft, and note
the disclaimer.  If you might like to become a contributor as we bring
this document to HOWTO stage and/or a maintainer of the HOWTO, contact
JP Schnapper- Casteras <jpsc at users.sf.net>.  For all content-specific
questions, e-mail Tom Dannenfelser <tdan at foxinternet.com>

Best regards,

Tom Dannenfelser
JP Schnapper-Casteras

Cell Phone  -  206-849-9032
Time Zone   -  Pacific (-08:00 UTC)
Home Page   -  http://ocularis.sourceforge.net

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