Jaws under Linux?

JP Schnapper-Casteras jp_sc at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 2 19:55:43 EDT 2002

Dear Speakup,
     At the Developers' Forum at RESNA (http://www.resna.org) someone asked me a very good
question: will Jaws work under Linux (running VMWare or the equivalent)?  Does anyone know? 
Anyone want to try and write up the results?  Theoretically, if VMWare is a true, full VM and
doesn't lose any keystrokes or do anything weird to the display, it should work (note "should"). 

I think this might help Windows-only users transition to Linux and would convince them to try
Linux.  They could use their old Windows applications, take advantage of Speakup and all Linux AT
has to offer, and transition to a Linux-only existence through Speakup and other tools (i.e.,
GNOME with Gnopernicus / GOK).  

Just a thought.



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