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Tue Jan 22 04:22:40 EST 2002

Hi, Gnompernicus is in cvs. To get the cvs code for gnopernicus enter the

 export CVSROOT=':pserver:anonymous at
cvs login
cvs -z3 checkout gnome-speech
cvs -z3 checkout gnopernicus

You will also need to get all the dependancies as well. At the mmoment
gnopernicus is in the vary early stages. Not much can be done with it right
We still need to hook the drivers in
gnome-speech up to the tts engine which is not even ready for that.

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> Hi,
> Does anyone have more information on Gnopernicus. How can one look at the
> code and maybe make contributions etc?  The web site doesn't give much
> details on this etc.
> Saqib
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