Making Speakup Optional

Steve Holmes steve at
Mon Jan 21 10:16:02 EST 2002

I'm thinking of setting up lilo to make speakup optional at boot time.  No
problem so far, just add speakup_synth appended to lilo for a prompt for
speakup and let the synth default to none for the generic kernel.  My
question comes up with the keymap issue.  I realize the speakup modified
keymap is gonna be in the same kernel whether or not one specifies none or
whatever when booting.  I'm thinking of reloading a default keymap
whenever speakup is not being used.  Is there any way I could have a
script run at boot time to determin what synth is chosen and load or not
load accordingly?  IE, have a script read a lilo or kernel parameter to
decide the action.

Would anything like that be possible? Thanks.

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