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Wed Jan 16 11:31:49 EST 2002


I was amused by this too as I thought that the whole purpose of the "Portable Document Format" is a cross platform format.  Ironic ha!

>The below logic always reminds me of wheelchair access concerning steps.  
>There are wheelchairs that can climb steps.  Are public access places now
>exempt because some chairs, though very expensive, are now available and
>ramps etc. can't now be enforced under the ata?
>Someone thus scribed:
>But does the ADA specify that the institution must meet the desires of the
>handicaped? If a PDF file is accesible through Windows it would be a long,
>hard haul to prove that the law was violated since it isn't accesible
>under Linux. But hey, if you have the resouces go for it.
>Kirk Wood
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