Jason unleet at
Sun Jan 13 14:00:32 EST 2002

hmmm.... when you add cascading style sheets to the HTML format, I'd say it's 
almost as good as Word's formatting.... besides I've seen some HTML that's 
better formatted than any word document.

Granted, HTML isn't exactly geared toward being printed, but it would only 
take a few modifications to make it so.

(Anybody remember Word Perfect for DOS? It would let you veiw the formatting 
codes in the document and delete stupid mistakes like the bold tag that 
reversed the emphasis in your whole document... well HTML can do that too, 
Word can't)

On Sunday January 13, 2002 11:49 am, you wrote:
> I hope for the sake of blind people Janina speaks for herself and not the
> AFB. Reality strike here. Many people use their computer for primarily
> business reasons. And as such they are stuck with the arrogant rules of a
> business. For some stupid reason us sighted folks prefer text that is
> formatted. And no Janina, html and text don't give the level of formatting
> that word does. Sorry, but does not computer. Will not compute.

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