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Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at
Thu Jan 3 22:55:33 EST 2002

A java applett is a small program. In my work I have seen these in actual
use. The doctor's office points a web browser to a site. It loads several
applets and then appears to be a complete program. They schedule
appointments, and enter charges after you see the doctor.

Java is used to make this actually behave just as a program taht might be
written instead of looking like a bunch of web pages. When a different
screen is needed a new applett loads up.

The nice thing is that when a change or update to teh program is needed I
don't have to go load it on the computers. It happens automatically when
the company that markets the program causes the web page that loaded these
to expire. Then the new version is automatically downloaded and they now
work with an updated program. The effect is to combine the best of a
termainl program running over a telnet session with a "real" program that
actually runs some checks on the data at the client end.

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