Options for buying a computer.

Anna Schneider annas at drizzle.com
Mon Feb 25 23:49:57 EST 2002

Hi everyone.  If my message isn't very clear, I appologize ahead of time.  
I've had a very frustrating day in computer research lnd.  Even knowing 
that Linux isn't mainstream, I didn't know things would be this difficult, 
so if I'm a bit hard to follow, that's why.

What I want to know is, short of building my own computer, are there any 
options for either buying a computer with Linux already installed or for 
buying a computer with no operating system on it to begin with?  Dell will 
only install on business systems, and Compaq's web site claims that 
several versions of Linux are among the operating systems they offer, but 
when I called the number listed, I didn't get any people, I only got "You 
live in Seattle Washington, Compaq computers are available at these 
locations."  Mutter mutter mutter.

And while I'm here I'll ask a couple of other things.  Is there a list 
anywhere of scsi scanners currently in production complete with features 
and prices?

And I've seen the occasional mention of a program called Viavoice on here?  
Is this a screen reader for Linux, and if so, what are its positives, 
negatives, and how does it compare to Speak Up?

Thanks much.


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