Strange things with my hard drive

Gregory Nowak gnowak1 at
Mon Feb 25 09:33:02 EST 2002

Since he's building a new machine, his bios probably has a drive limit way over 8 gb.

On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 02:19:40AM -0500, Pete wrote:
>   Can you check your bios/cmos settings?  Some bioses require cdrom drives
> to be set to none and others have a cdrom selection while yet other bioses
> will work whith auto or none set for the cdrom.  If the hard drive is les
> than (8 gig? the bioses limit? or maybe 2 or 4 gig limit?) set up the hard
> drive whith the C H S values in cmos.  Usually setting the P I O  and the  U
> D M A  modes to auto will work.  There may be a couple of settings like L B
> A (larg block addressing) or I think another one called just large mode.  If
> your lucky you can set this one to auto. More likely there either an on/off
> or check box to check.  I geus what I am really trying to say is check the
> settings in bios/cmos for the hard drive you are trying to install.
> Depending on what hard drive you have there may be two jumpers to set.  One
> for master / slave etc and another one for cylinder limitation.  The
> cylinder limitation for example: if you have a bios/cmos whith an 8 gig
> limit and your hard drive is 10 gig, you would set both master and cylinder
> limitation jumpers.  Some computers wont boot unless the cylinder limit
> jumper is set to occomidate the limit in bios/cmos most I have seen will
> boot any way so not booting could tell you some thing.  Usually no jumpers
> on the cdrom meens slave. Also most cdrom and hard drives have jumpers for:
> master, slave and cable select.  You may have a system whith cable select,
> in which case set all drives to cable select (CS).  The cable select, this
> setting detirmines by possission which drive is master and which one is
> slave.  How new are the hard drive and cdrom and how old is the motherboard?
>   Pete
> > Hell, listers!
> > I know some of you, especially Kerry, are big hardware specialists. Hope
> you
> > will be able to advise something for me this time as well.
> > I am putting together a new machine. Whenever I connect the hard drive to
> > the IDE0 and CDROM to IDE1, both on master, I get "hard disk failed...",
> but
> > CDROM is found. However, if I connect hard drive to IDE1 and CDROM to
> IDE0,
> > both to master, then both are recognized fine. Why is this hapenning? I
> > tried these combinations several times, and the same result comes out.
> > Can you suggest something?
> > Victor
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