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Sun Feb 24 19:35:48 EST 2002

Rawrite's the best way to go or at least that is what I am led to believe
from the research I have been doing of late regarding installing a Linux
distro on one of my systems.
As you'll probably know from reading the messages on the list since I
subscribed earlier this week, I've not as of yet installed a distribution.
  It'll happen any time between Wednesday and next week-end if things go
according to my plans for this week.
There are some precautions to keep in mind when using rawrite too that you
should be aware of.
Namely, it's best to run rawrite by shutting down to DOS and killing your
screen reader then type rawrite.
Next rawrite will ask for the name of the image you wish to write.
For example: accntsab.bin
Type it's full path and hit enter.
 Next, type the letter of the system's floppy drive.
You'll hear action from the floppy drive for 30-45 seconds I'd estimate and
once action ceases you're done.
  Good luck.
Ed Barnes

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What dos/windows software can I use to make disk images with?

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