choosing a distro and version

Gregory Nowak gnowak1 at
Sun Feb 24 11:16:37 EST 2002

I'm assuming that you have a kernel with the new speakup. In that case, at the lilo prompt right after the machine boots, and the floppy stopps spinning, do
and that should do it. If not, then after you type the string above on your next boot, add the following  string
where x is 0 through 3 for com 1 through com4 respectively.

This is detailed in the speakup docs. I would strongly suggest reading them if you haven't done so already.

On Sun, Feb 24, 2002 at 08:55:05AM -0500, Alex Snow wrote:
> I'm using the blt as a bns, but how do I tell it what driver to use?
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