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Sat Feb 23 20:58:28 EST 2002

Janina and list.
I am learning more and more from this list as I write to it and read the
messages of others and I should add that I am thoroughally enjoying
Guess the fact that I am a bit of a computer nird might have something to do
with it in a sense because I spend hours and hours fooling around at
computer stuff outside of what school requires just because I enjoy it as a
Nevertheless, yes Janina I did forget the ned for a /usr partition.
Regarding putting the swap partition on /dev/hda1, I found it a little odd
that you were commenting on this as I couldn't remember writing that in the
original message.
     I actually didn't or didn't intend to write it that way but I've looked
at the message that you would have received late last night and that is what
you saw when you read the message so it makes some sense now.
 I have a touchpad on my notebook which I've not yet disabled and sometimes
if my palm hits it as I type and I don't realize it my messages end up as a
bit of a jumble and things are miss-aligned.
The pointer that you use a / partition of 256 mb approx and that I could get
away with 400 mb or so is invaluable.
This drastically changes things, but it is change for the better.
After reading your note I am wondering if a partition scheme such as the
following would be more appropriate? Once again I'm planning on installing
the modified Red Hat 7.2 on a Pentium II 233 mhz w 64 mb of ram. Any and all
thoughts welcome folks.
/dev/hda is a 2 gb hd
/ partition 400 mb
/usr partition 1 gb (I don't plan on installing anything from x)
/var 600 mb (very limitted mail and web and dns server capability)
/dev/hdb is a 1.6 gb hard disk
swap partition of size 200 mb
/tmp 400 mb
/home remaining space on hard disk
Many thanks to all in advance.
Ed Barnes

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I don't know about the wisdom of putting swap in hda1. Sounds unusual to
me, put I don't know that there's actually anything wrong with that. I
just have never seen that.

Also, it's not your /root -- but your / partition which is the root. 1.5
gB is undoubtedly large--try 500 mB or even less. I get away with about
256 mB these days. Essentially, make this bigger if it includes /var, and
less if /var is a separate partition, and less if /var will have
relatively little to do--no ftp, no web, only your mail, etc.

Your note does not speak of /usr. That is very important, and will take at
least 1 gB if you install nothing from X, and about 3.5 gB if you install
everything in the RH 7.2 distribution.

My advice is to let diskdruid figure out where to put things. It's good at
that. Just specify the sizes and mount points. The term "Mount points," by
the way,  is linux speak for things like /, and /usr, and /home, etc.

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