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Igor Gueths igueths at
Sat Feb 23 13:18:38 EST 2002

Hi. If my posts are getting annoying or whatever, I'm sorry. Also, if anyone can't read my messages for any reason, please let me know so I can play with my settings to hopefully remedy the problem. I currently am trying to set up a Debian system, however I will have to blow it up and re-install it because I am getting a 3com NIC, which I know will be natively supported. Does anyone here use the idepci kernel image? Would anyone know off-hand if the module for the 3c589 is included in the drivers for the idepci kernel? Also, I am currently using 1 big partition for everything usr, root, var, tmp, swap, and home. I know this is not good practice, generally speaking. The reason for this is because I do not quite know yet what the system will be entirely used for, so I just don't want to run out of space for something and then have to resize 1 or more of the partitions. I currently have a 30 gb hard drive, and it is on this drive that I will re-install debian onto. What do you think would be a good partitioning scheme for this large a drive? I was thinking along the lines of the following, feel free to correct it as you see fit and mail it back to me. /dev/hda1: swap-128 mb, root-1 gb, usr-5 gb, tmp-1 gb, home-7 gb, var-remaining gb. Oh by the way, I don't remember who offered to create some debian isos for me, but thanks a lot for the offer! The reason I didn't reply for a while was because mail was up and down over here for a while. I think its finally back up for good anyway, so I finally got that message. Thanks for the offer but I got it worked out already. Anyway, sorry for such a long message, but I hope some of you can give me some feedback regarding the above partitioning scheme. Thanks in advance!


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