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Ed Barnes ed.barnes at
Fri Feb 22 10:26:37 EST 2002

Hi folks.
Just figured I would write a quick note to introduce myself to this group
since I subscribed to this listserve last night.
If you've read this far you know that I'm Ed Barnes.
I live in Newfoundland in Canada and am enroled in the Computer Support
Specialist Program through College Of The North Atlantic.
I am extremely interested in Linux and all that it offers as free software
with emphasis on its functions as a viable networking operating system which
is free that requires very little as compared with Windows NT/2000 in regard
to resources to run.
I feel that the mainstream for the most part, I.E., colleges, North Atlantic
included fails when it comes to giving Linux and Unix a fair shake as a nos
and it doesn't adequately prepare students for the posibility of working in
Linux/Unix system admin so I feel that diving in feet first is the best way
to acquire these skills.
My interest in the speakup project is from an user point of view as I myself
am totally blind so I will be compiling it into whatever kernel I decide to
install on my machine.
I will address these questions in subsequent e-mail messages as due to my IT
training I think I have a decent understanding of what I need to do and how
I will get there so to speak.
     Nevertheless, I'll probably seek out some opinions along the way and
some good old advice from those who have more direct experience with Linux,
in particular with the admin side of things.
Nevertheless, for now I am going to jet, I will write my questions and/or
opinions in separate e-mails whose subject lines more accurately reflect
what I speak of.
Talk to all again soon.
Warm regards to all.
Ed Barnes
ed.barnes at or ebarnes at

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