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Igor Gueths igueths at
Wed Feb 20 17:34:26 EST 2002

Hi. I am having problems installing the source distribution for 2.2r5. I have the 2.2r2 base system installed, but I have the 2.2r5 packages. When I run apt-cdrom to add the new Cds, I get the following warning and error: w: wrote 0 records. E: Handler silently failed. However, it found the 4 source indexes that were present and attempted to read them. I don't get this error with binary Cds. In fact, I can install packages from Cds fine with no problems. Why could I be getting this error just with the source Cds? Could my using Debian 2.2r2 base and 2.2r5 packages like lynx, gcc, etc have anything to do with it? Also, if I can't resolve this, could someone possibly compile me a 2.4.17 kernel with my NIC driver built into the kernel not as a module then send me the bzImage so I can put it on a floppy and then boot it? And don't forget to compile Speakup in lol! If someone could tell me how to fix the apt problem or compile me a  kernel it would be greatly apreciated! If anyone's interested in the kernel idea, just mail me on list and I'll mail you privately with the appropriate driver for my card. Thanks for any help!

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