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	sorry for the long list of emails, but I thought you might find
this interesting.

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Subject: Now you all know ....

Believe it or not but 8.02pm on February 20 this year  will be an historic
moment in time.
It will not be marked by the chiming of  any clocks or the ringing of bells, but
at that precise time, on that specific  date, something will happen which has
not occurred for 1,001 years and will  never happen again.
As the clock ticks over from 8.01pm on Wednesday,  February 20, time will, for
sixty seconds only, read in perfect symmetry 2002,  2002, 2002, or to be more
precise - 20:02, 20/02, 2002.
This historic event  will never have the same poignancy as the 11th hour of  the
11th day of the  11th month which marks Armistice Day, but it is an event which
has only ever  happened once before, and is something which will never be
The last  occasion that time read in such a symmetrical pattern was long  before
the  days of the digital watch and the 24-hour clock - at 10.01am on  January
10, 1001.

And because the clock only goes up to 23.59, it is something  that will never
happen again.

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