Programmer's type of Editor for DOS

Amanda Lee amanda at
Sat Feb 16 00:01:28 EST 2002

C'mon! don't roll on the floor!

I'm not really getting along with VI in the Unix boxes at work because can't
seem to get compatibility with the terminal.
I've seen it work while on the last project I worked on but these are two
different organizations and different administrators.

dDownloaded the C Sourcecode I was working on and edit with this Editor I
have sworn by for years! at least 13 of 'em!

I ftp'd my updated sourcecode back onto the server and stupid/sucky!
compiler had a tantrum over a lousy ctrl-z end of file marker!

The Editor I've been using is called BlackBeard and sure do like it because
it presents each statement line by line.e in full screen form.

Anybody know of an Editor for DOS which doesn't add a ctrl-z as an
end-of-file marker and which works like this?

I have WindBlows Editors like UltraEdit, plain old Notepad and a couple
others but I don't want another WindBlows editor please.

I just wish we had pico on the Unix boxes even.  I really dislike vi because
it is unreasonably cumbersome for what you can do easily in
fullscreen-oriented editors.

Please write me off line for suggestions.


Amanda Lee

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