logrotate for slackware

Charles Hallenbeck hallenbeck at valstar.net
Thu Feb 14 20:30:22 EST 2002

I just put together a script to run 'savelog' which comes with
Slackware 8.0 and seems to do the job nicely. It is short, so
here it is:
cd /var/log
savelog -c 30 -t debug
savelog -c 30 -t messages
savelog -c 30 -t syslog
savelog -c 30 -t wtmp

I called it "bumplogs" and put it in /usr/local/bin; it is
invoked once a day from the root crontab with the following line:

1 7 * * * /usr/local/bin/bumplogs

and it seems to do the job. The "-c 30" tells it to keep 30 days
worth of log files, the "-t" tells it to create an empty file
each time it moves the file to a backup, and I may add a "-L" to
tell it not to compress them, but this script does not contain
that yet.
I have not looked for logrotate that Adam recommended; this thing
seems to work for me.


On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Gregory Nowak wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just tried the site that Adam gave as containing the logrotate slackware package, and was informed by lynx that the site was not found. Can others access this site?
> Greg
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