Which flavor of linux to run with Speakup?

Thomas Ward tward at bright.net
Thu Feb 14 20:26:08 EST 2002

Hi, I guess the major issue between distributions is how much manual labor
do you want to put into configuring your distribution.

Red Hat has many tools for auto configuring things such as sound cards, plug
n play detecting hardware,  and adding new users. A feature that has made it
popular world wide.
Slackware andDebian setting them uptake more work, and you have to do most
of the setup and configuring by hand. No autoconfiguring unless you install
some configuration tools.

Other than that which distribution you choose is a personal decision.

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> The subject line says it all.  I've seen Red Hat, Debian and Slackware
> mentioned most here.  Any reason why a newcomer to linux and Speakup
> should choose one flavor over others?
> Any insight and help here would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Will
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