pine and the char set thing

Thomas Ward tward at
Tue Feb 12 16:49:42 EST 2002

Have I kicked the habbit yet? Lol!
In truth I did kill Windows this week. It died during an important 
project, wouldn't reboot, so I simply blew it away, and put Linux on full 
Anyway, does anyone know how to change the default char set for Pine? Like 
some sort of mail rule?

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, Charles Hallenbeck wrote:

> I use pine and I get to see all those char set things too, but I
> do not mind them a lot. What happens is that pine lets you
> configure just one char set as its "official" char set, and when
> an arriving message uses a different one, it warns you about it.
> Perhaps that should be elevated to a "feature" in pine that could
> be turned on or off, but right now it is a fixed behavior.
> Users of speakup often listen to their mail "directly" - i.e.,
> spontaneously, as it is placed on the screen. When that happens,
> you cannot just skip ahead three or four lines to get past those
> char set messages. What you can do is to kill the speech when
> those messages start to appear, but then you lose your place and
> must use review keys to go back and find what you would have
> heard if you had just waited for the messages to be read and
> proceed forward with the text. I think some folks do not rely on
> the direct or spontaneous mode, but use review for everything.
> They can easily kill a line they do not want to hear by just
> hitting the "next line please" key. They will not lose their
> place in the material the way people would who rely on direct
> reading.
> Anyway I kind of enjoy hearing those messages; it lets me know
> who is still using Windows and who has kicked the habit. :-) If
> David boehlman and others ever figure out how to fix their
> Outlook Express to use the same char set as Pine is using, they
> will in effect be "passing" and we will never ever know for
> sure!!!
> So even if it wastes five or six seconds per email, I cannot get
> excited about those pesky messages. If it becomes a selectable
> feature of Pine in a future release, so that it could be turned
> off, I will probably leave mine turned on. People ought to be
> able to use the char set of their choosing as long as it does not
> interfere with the content of their messages.
> Chuck
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