Changing the terminal type

Gene Collins collins at
Mon Feb 11 11:45:53 EST 2002

Hi Dan.  there are a couple of ways to do this.

You could type export TERM=vt100

Note that the export command makes the TERM environment variable
publicly visible.  Note that the TERM veriable is in all caps.  The
other way is to type tset vt100.  This will set the TERM variable for
you and export it.


>Hi all.
>Recently, I tried to telnet to another ISP on which I had an account
>and after I entered my password, and the "last login" line came up, it
>said "terminal type linux unknown", and dumped me.
>when I tried it using Hyperterm on my other machine, it worked since
>Hyperterm was set to Vt100.  How do I tell Linux to tell the telnet
>program to tell the remote host i'm using vt100, or one of the vt
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