this is a mime/iso test:

David Poehlman poehlman1 at
Mon Feb 11 11:21:30 EST 2002

my settings are identical.

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Here's what I do in outlook express:
1. open the tool\options dialog.
2. goto the send page of the dialog
3. tab till you hear a checkbox with label "Reply to messages in the
form in
which they were sent", and uncheck it
4. tab once, and you should hear "international settings... button".
activate with space or enter.
5.  choose "western European (iso)" from the default encodings list and
press enter to OK the dialog
6. Here's where things get weird. tab once and you sheld be on a radio
button. The label is not constructed propperly so it might say something
about html radioButton, not check or it may simply read the checked
of the radio button. In any case, the label is "mail sending format" and
should use your right and left arrow keys to select "text".
7. Tab till you hear "text settings" and activate. Note if you go too
you'll hear another radio button and then html and text settings again.
is for the news sending format, so if you send usenet news, you should
with these in a simmilar way.
8. The text settings dialog allows you to choose encoding type (usually
mime), and also how you want to indent forwards or replies (set to none
get rid of the ">" in your outgoing mail). If you choose mime, you'll
get a
list of "text encodings" which contains "quoted printable", "none", or
64". Can anyone shed some light on this? I assume its how to encode
attachments -- how to turn binary data into a series of ascii characters
which can safely be put through the mail transport system without
mangled. What I don't know is exactly how quoted printable differs from
base-64. I've got mine set to none at the moment, but maybe quoted
is OK?

Anyway, hope this helps someone.

     Rich Caloggero

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If I set it back to uuencode, people complain that they cannot cope with
my attachments.  I have three choices under mime, none, base 64 and

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Still has the charset data ... as follows:

From: David Poehlman <poehlman1 at>

    [ The following text is in the "Windows-1252" character set. ]
    [ Your display is set for the "iso-8859-1" character set.  ]
    [ Some characters may be displayed incorrectly. ]

Now, that is quite strange.


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