alsa driver problems at least i think so!

randy turner rturner2 at
Sun Feb 10 18:46:39 EST 2002

hi all,
still have not got my problem fixed with the alsa driver situation
1. when i use the rec command to record
when i hit ctrl c it takes it a very long time to shut down,
also testing with sfmike and sfspeaker on
after a while it stays in the talk mode and i am unable to change it to
the listen mode
if i play a short wav file it again switches to the listen mode
this subjests to me that there might be confusion about
its out going and incomming files for talking and listening
anyway i have had this problem since i upgraded to slackware 8.0
i am now using version 0.9.0beta9
of the alsa driver lib and utils
i am using the sb16 module
thanks in advance

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