Q-mail expertise needed?

Ari Moisio armoi at sci.fi
Wed Feb 6 14:52:14 EST 2002


Charles Crawford 06.02.02:

  I maintain a couple of mail server on qmail and lists with modified
ezmlm. I'll like to see some of those error messages to see if i can

	Rather than boring everyone with the gory details, we
are having quirky
>problems with Q-mail and ezlm on our ACB server.  We have some 65 megabytes
>of error messages or at least they appear to be, but we are not sure what
>they mean.  The two questions are first, is there anyone on the list who
>knows enough about this program to advise us and secondly, how hard should
>it be to simply port our mail to mailman and sendmail?

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