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Hi, Kirk!
Will try to search on the Internet for brands of CD RW's that will play in
my diskman, at least.

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On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, Ron Marriage wrote:
> If you want to rewrite to a CD-RW then you must play it in
> the CD-RW drive or DVD drive to hear it.  This would allow
> you to record, erase, re-record, etc.  Still won't play on
> the stereo or any mini-player, but will work.

Actually, this is outdated information. Many stereos and diskman type CD
players now read CDRW disks. While I don't know any percentages, I will
say that it is very easy to find them advertising this ability.

Actually there is a simple reason. It is cheaper to produce a higher
number of the same laser needed to read the CDRW disks then it would be to
produce smaller numbers of two different laser diodes.

As another note, to erase anything on a CDRW you must "reformat" the
disk. You can not simply erase a single track and rewrite it. You must
erase all or nothing. This being said, when using either CDR or CDRW for
data you can "overwrite" the file. What really happens is another copy of
the file is written while leaving the first in place. The pointers are
then updated to show the new location. This is part of the multiwrite

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