New and in need of help.

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Mon Feb 4 12:56:45 EST 2002

Hi, Anna. Ok, well HP has a couple twain scanners in production that work
with OCR Shop.
The HP SCSI 6350 and the HP SCSI 6390.
I use a HP 4P, but that moddle is no longer in production nor is the HP 5P
which I would highly recommend if you could ever find one.
However, according to Vividata's site the HP 6390 is probably a good choice
for twain OCR scanning under Linux. You might want to email there tech
support, and ask them what the recommend. They are the experts, and they may
have a better opinion.
I will tell you what I will do. I will write up a hardware spec sheet of
hardware, prices, and what I recommend. This may help you decide where to
There are places on the Internet such as PC Progress that sell motherboards,
Sound cards, and stuff like that for lower than usual prices, and often you
can build a really awesome Linux computer than less than $1000.00 buy going
that route.
I'll also look into the hardware aspects of trying to hook up a 6390, and
get back to you on that. I haven't tried a 6390 before, and am slightly
unclear myself what i need to get it going.

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> Okay, so I'm very confused.
> Does one need a Twain scanner to scan text in Linux or not?
> And speaking of scanners, can any who do scan text in Linux recommend a
> certain brand and model to me?  Um, a flatbed is the standard kind of sit
> on your desk scanner right?  I don't think I want to be carrying my
> scanner around with me.  And the size can be pretty standard too.  I was
> thinking 11 by 14 inches or there abouts.  Please recommend off personal
> experience if you can.
> And thank you for all your help by the way.  I've been quiet for a few
> days.  Trying to research and gather my thoughts and questions with the
> rest of life going along in the meantime.
> Anna
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