Hardware questions.

Frank Carmickle frankiec at braille.uwo.ca
Mon Feb 4 12:33:09 EST 2002

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Christopher A. Peterson wrote:

> You modify the keymap to use some keys on the normal keyboard.

On most laptops the fn or function key does this for you.

> Perhaps I'll undertake the task of setting up a keymap similar to the Jaws
> laptop keymap as thats the only one I know.

That's almost what the current speakup map looks like on a laptop.  Only
thing is hold the m for insert is really not cool.  I am going to map my
right windows key to this if you don't do it first.  There are a few other
things that I would change.  But I'm not sitting at my laptop right now
and I don't remember what they were.  Anyone care to through in more ideas
about laptop keymaps?

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