popping mail

William F. Acker WB2FLW +1-303-777-8123 wacker at octothorp.org
Sun Feb 3 18:55:05 EST 2002

Now why would you say that, Thomas, Why?

     Amanda: to use pop3 with pine, set your inbox variable in pine to 
something like: {pop.isp.com/pop3}inbox note the braces.
This assumes that your username on the server is the same as it is on the 
local system.  If it isn't do: 
It's possible that the server also supports IMAP.  In that case just leave 
off the /pop3 part.  Imap is much nicer.  It's even possible to set Pine 
to use all your remote folders as if they were local with IMAP.


On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Thomas Ward wrote:

> Hi, amanda. Pine doesn't support pop3. It's something they simply haven't
> done.
> So you have to use something like fetchmail to retreave the mail, or change
> your inbox path to the server where your mail gets kept.

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