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I agree.

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All the recent posts about how to configure outlook express to be
"blind friendly" is a little troubling to me. It seems to me that
the issue is bigger than that. There are industry standards, and
there are Microsoft standards, and often the problem comes
because the two are not the same. One way to resolve the problem
is for everyone, blind or otherwise, to use outlook express and
thus use Microsoft standards everywhere. But the world is larger
than Microsoft, and many of us who use Linux follow the industry
standard - e.g., plain text for email, iso8859-1 for a standard
western character set, and the like.

Another way to resolve the problem is for users of outlook
express, blind or otherwise, to configure their software to
adhere to industry standards rather than Microsoft standards. I
think that is very different from being "blind friendly"... It is
being "people friendly".

Grumpily - Chuck

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