gshang at uq.net.au gshang at uq.net.au
Sat Feb 2 20:20:47 EST 2002

>First, I'm assuming bash is your assigned shell. Is this correct? To find
>out for sure do:
>        grep -i [your.username] /etc/passwd

It's easier to just do

echo $SHELL

>.bashrc -- These are settings exectued whenever you login, meaning you in
>particular, and not some other username. These are executed whether you
>login locally on a console, or over the Internet perhaps using ssh;
>.bash_profile -- These commands are executed only when you log in on a
>local console;

This is not correct.  I do not have any commands in my .bashrc file, they 
are all in .bash_profile and they get executed no matter how I login.  
Linux generally doesn't care if you're local or not.

As stated earlier, .bashrc is run by bash for shells launched later 
whereas .bash_profile is run when you log in.


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