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Sat Feb 2 17:46:32 EST 2002

OK, let's see...

PINE is not GPL, far as I can see. Basically you get source, but you
don't really have the permission to distribute modified versions.

Last I saw (as of 2000, last I looked); elm was at version 2.5PL3--it
may be further than that. Debian last distributed version 2.4PL25, but
I believe Slackware had a version 2.5-something as of 7.1. 

Oh, check that out. According to freshmeat, the latest version of elm
is elm 2.5.6. So I guess it isn't as dead as all that after all. 

Here's what Freshmeat says about where to get it:

   Mailing list archive:
   Mirror site:

BTW, I am a happy user of mutt, previously a user of elm, never
thought pine was very intuitive and just didn't like it. Could be
mostly because I'd been using elm since the beginning of time (or at
least, 1992, anyway). I have a spiffy .muttrc (thanks, Raul!) that
gets rid of the menu bar, and headers are trimmed to nearly
nothing. And with the URLview program as well, it's easy to get most
URL's extracted for viewing from inside the mailer (launching lynx or
whatever). We like mutt a whole's supplanted elm as my mailer
of choice in a *ix environment. 
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