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Only choices for OE6 are mime and uuencode.  I did uncheck that obnoxious >
replying format.

Amanda Lee

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David Poelhman suggests setting Outlook to uuencode.  This may work
because the concept of character sets is a MIME specification.  However,
any attachments you send will be encoded with uuencode which is an ancient
ancestor of modern MIME that isn't handled by a lot of mailers anymore
including Pine.  So, you're better off getting your character set set to
ISO8859-1 and leaving it alone.  Just thought you all would like to know.

P.S. How does one customize Redhat's firewall scripts from the command
line?  I can select high, medium, or off, but selecting custom just gives
me the setup menu again.  I asked this yesterday, but never saw a reply in
all the flaming about Windows mailers.

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