a few comments on the speakup howto

Gregory Nowak gnowak1 at uic.edu
Fri Feb 1 14:13:42 EST 2002

Hi alll,

I've just read the speakup howto. Below are my comments.

1. In the legal section, Linus' first name is spelled as Linux.

2. Although this is implied in later sections, it should be mentioned in section 2 that standard slackware 8.0 cds come with speakup already, and do not need to be patched as in other distributions.

3. The last sentence of the introduction section reads: "Thus, speakup allows Linux installation ... " This should be replaced with "a Linux installation" or "Linux installations" for proper grammer. Of course, since English is not my native language, I stand to be corrected.

4. In the requirements section, it should be mentioned that older versions of speakup available for download will work with older kernels (2.2.7 and up I believe). Of course, I don't know why anyone would want to run an older kernel, but I think users should be informed that they have a choice there.

5. It sounds to me that section 4 is meant for gnu/Linux users that already have their system installed. If this is so, then I think that words like "com1" should be replaced with "ttyS0." Also, since most people will be probably starting with a gnu/Linux system from scratch, I think that section 4 should be moved to later in the document, when the newby has had a chance to install their system.

6. In the wish list, it is mentioned that instructions for installling Debian will be added in version 2.0. However, they are already here along with the redhat and slackware install sections.

7. When referring to the kernel, the word "Linux" is fine. However, there are also references to the entire operating system. In theese cases, I think "gnu/Linux" is more appropriate.

8. Overall, grate work.


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