Redhat 7.2 and Speakup

Fri Feb 1 12:33:19 EST 2002

Hi Janina,

Thanks for the welcome.
I must admit though, that I'm not totally new to the list as I was a member
2 years ago, and only dropped off when I traded my old Redhat 6.2 box for a
plough truck.  Here in Maine plogh trucks are somewhat important and at the
time I thought I was getting the better end of the deal, but for a while
now I haven't been too sure.  Ever since then I've been intending to put
together another linux box, but until recently I have just been dragging my
feet.  Ten to 15 years ago I was working on a VAX VMS system and after that
a Xenix system, so Linux isn't that big of a transition, just a challenge
for memory retention.
To whoever it was complaining about the Windows header nonsense, I must
apologize as I don't have my modem installed yet on my Linux box as I've
been trying to work out the kimks, and the next thing on my agenda is
getting a CDR installed, and then after that a modem.  I've sort of been
protecting my second serial port for use as a terminal hook up until I'm
satisfied, but as already seen, this can be a burden as well as an asset.

Dave Talmage

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