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only if the suggestions are appropriate <grin>
Thanks for the work.  I'll get back after I've looked it over.

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Dear listers,

Jennifer Jobst and I (Saqib Shaikh) have spent the past few months
on the SpeakUp HowTo, a document that Kirk asked Jennifer to write and
asked me to co-author the document with her.  This document has been
proof-read, and also checked by Kirk himself, and now it is your turn as
members of the intended audience (current and potential SpeakUp users):

Your comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome, as this kind of
can only make the document better.  Over the next few days if you have a
chance to review the HowTo then please do so, and we will try our best
include your suggestions in the final draft of the document.

Thank you for your help.

Regards, Saqib Shaikh
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