S C S I problems with Zipspeak

Ross Eadie ross at infoequity.mb.ca
Sat Aug 31 16:26:45 EDT 2002

Hi folks,

I know it is slightly off topic from those of you who have full
installations of Linux, but I recieved a non-deliverable from one of the
Zipspeak lists.  My problem is Loadlin will not boot Zipspeak up on my S C
S I drive.  I am running the following line in the linux.bat file:

\loadlin\loadlin \linux\vmlinuz root=/dev/sda6 speakup_synth=txprt
speakup_ser=0 rw

The error message I get is something like the following:

kernal panic:  vfs: cannot load fs on root 08:06

I have tried most if not all the combinations of drive a and b with each of
8 partition numbers.  According to Matt Campbell's tutorial, my only
harddrive, S C S I, extended, second logical (drive e:) partition should be
sda6.  My SCSI card is an Adaptec AHA-1540c/1542c on port 330hex irq 11.  I
guess my question is about where I can edit a file to recognize my Adaptec
card or does someone have another answer to my problem?  I should also note
that my bios does not give a drive type because everything is handled by
the card.
Ross Eadie
Voice:  (204) 339-5287

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