Set hostname.

Edward L. Barnes ebarnes at
Thu Aug 29 15:50:59 EDT 2002

Hi there, you could do something like echo your_hostname > 
/proc/sys/kernel/hostname and you should also add the name to 
/etc/sysconfig/network with HOSTNAME="yourhostname" and btw the quotes 
and case for the word hostname at the beginning I believe do matter. Hth 
and good luck.
On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Mark Rew wrote:

> List,
> Does anyone know how I can set the host name of a machine after RedHat 7.3
> linux has been installed?  The wrong host name was entered during the
> installation and I need to reset it to the FQDN, Fully Qualified Domain Name.
> I tried using:
> hostname
> But, the next time I rebooted the machine the value I entered was lost.  The
> name is in the /etc/hosts file correctly.  But, the system is not finding the
> correct host name during boot up.
> thanks
> Mark Rew
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