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Thu Aug 29 14:11:39 EDT 2002

Hmm, how about forwarding that to Billy boy in Redmond?

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 01:06:12PM -0400, Ann Parsons wrote:
> Hi all,
> Yeh, Raul, that's true, very true, but email is supposed to be email
> and HTML is supposed to be kept where it belongs, on the web.  Maybe
> I'm a purist, but darn it all, the Net has four main parts to it:
> ftp, email, telnet and html.  The Net is not sononymous with the web!
> The web is on the net, but all the net is not the web.  I just want
> some kind of separation folks!  Email is email and should, if really
> taken to its final outcome, be run by engines and software that are
> accessed via email messages, not via the web.  But I preach in vain, I
> preach in vain.  People yack about The Web when they mean The Net.
> People *will* send email in HTML because they don't know any better
> way to do it, and Billy-Boy gates perpetuates the myth.  "They don't
> make email the way they used to..." said in an old quavery voice.
> Ann P.
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