lynx problem

Igor Gueths igueths at
Sun Aug 25 14:13:18 EDT 2002

Hi all. I have since fixed most of the problems I was having with Woody.
However, a problem still exists in Lynx-2.8.4 where keystrokes will not be
passed to the serial port after a file is downloaded, or after I listen to
streaming audio. In other words, if I download a file, save it, I can't go
back to the previous page. Or even if I try and exit Lynx from the
download page, it seases to respond. The only thing I am left with doing
is to do killall lynx, but this gets rather annoying after a while. I have
rebuilt lynx after getting rid of it and this hasn't solved it. Also, this
started happening after the upgrade from Potato. Any ideas as to what
might be happening? Thanks in advance!

Explorer has caused a general protection fault in module kernel32.dll. I'm sick of Winblows!

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