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Toby Fisher toby_fisher at bigfoot.com
Sun Aug 25 03:23:09 EDT 2002

On Sun, 25 Aug 2002, Kerry Hoath wrote:

> No Toby; the shell expands the file names.
> assume we have foo.zip and bar.zip in the current directory;
> unzip *.zip will pass the command line
> unzip bar.zip foo.zip
> and since unzip can't find foo.zip in bar.zip it failes.
> You need to do
> unzip \*.zip
> or
> unzip "*.zip"
> or anything else thaat will let the wildcards past the shell.

Arg, forgot that, sorry.  Will command substitution work?  Like:
unzip `ls -l *.zip`
or pipes
ls |grep zip |unzip
or even:
ls *.zip | unzip

> For an example of shell wildcard expantion try
> echo *
> in a directory; poor-man's ls.

Haha yes, very poor, it doesn't even wrap gracefully!


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